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Updated: 9/18/2019 (83 days ago)
Originally Posted: 8/8/2019
Total Views: 305
Owner: Bob Barker
Forum Nickname: babybooey
Location: Toronto, ONT

Model: 1984 Ski Nautique 2001
Length: 19
Engine: Ford PCM 351W
HP: 240
Hours: 1140

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We are wind, we are wind and you can't hold on
Hold on to anything you see and it's gone
Gone in a heartbeat, fleeting it's gone
We are wind, we are wind
We crumble into nothing
We are wind

Two hearts meet folded together
For one brief moment everything fits
The sun feels warm and that heat there is truth
And that thin thin bubble I know what it is
I see it, I see it
It's always been there
It's stronger than words
It's stronger than time
It's the line drawn between us

It's love, it's love
It always was
And it is and it always will be love
And it is and it was and it will be love
It is and it always will be love
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