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Justin Logan Forums Nickname: N/A
Canton , OH   Length: 18.9
1986 Ski Nautique 2001
Engine: Ford PCM 351 Hours: 660
Hull ID:

This is our 1986 Ski Nautique 2001. It is our first Nautique and our first boat. My parents had a boat growing up and my wife and had to have one. We became familiar with Nautiques because both my wifes uncles have them and knew that is what they we had to have. It is a little rough right now as it is a project boat. We have replaced alot of things on it already and plan to continue to bring it back to its original glory. Hopefully I will be able to post additional pictures and descriptions as we continue to restore it!

The boat is now up and running and we have gotten to enjoy using it a little instead of just working on it. We still have more buffing/compounding to do and we need to put back the decals. We rebuilt the carburetor, put in a new battery and bigger battery wires, new solenoid, new oil and gas filters, new valve cover gaskets, new speedometer pitots and lines, a new bow light. I’m sure there are things I am forgetting but it is now running like a top!!

I rewired the supply to the dash with 10 guage wires and ran a new solenoid wire as well. I cleaned up some corroded connections and have much more accurate and steady guage readings. Put on a new distributor cap and plug wires as well. Now All I have to do is finish sanding and buffing and put on the new decals!!!

The new decals are on and it really makes a difference! We have been enjoying the boat the last couple weekends and are proud to be part of the correct craft culture.

Next project: Floor and stringer repair, coming this winter...