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Updated: 11/20/2018 (183 days ago)
Originally Posted: 10/23/2017
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Owner: Bill O
Location: Columbus, OH

Model: 1991 Nautique Excel
Length: 20
Engine: Ford PCM 351
HP: 240
Hours: 1247

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I bought this Nautique Excel in August of 2017 from a seller in Indiana. The seller bought the boat while living in Florida, towing it to Indiana when relocating. I believe I am the third owner.

Delivery was made via uShip since our vehicles were not yet ready to tow. One week after delivery and with a hitch finally installed, we towed the boat for the first time. After a successful first launch, we went out skiing! We were able to use it the first season up until mid October.

During those first months of ownership, I made some small tweaks. Besides the initial transfer of ownership stuff (titling, registration, etc.) I added a kneeboard rack and ski rack to the tower, and removed one of the two wakeboard racks. I added tower speakers, a new shift knob, new horn button and new dash switches. I also had some wood and carpet replaced on the trailer, and missing/broken trailer lights fixed.

Off-season upgrades will include removing the non-working mechanical speedometer and replacing it with a gauge style radio, replacing the glove box (one with no CD player cutout), replace existing speakers and adding an amp and sub. I also intend to do some gel coat work and potentially add some SeaDek to the boat.

I grew up boating and learned to ski behind the Ski Nautique 2001. I later drove Nautiques (and Hydrodynes) while working at the summer camp where I learned to ski. While working there, we would go out on a friend's '91 Barefoot Nautique; ever since then I have liked the v-drive format.

Flash forward many years, my kids were learning to ski at that same camp, and my desire to own a boat peaked. I still preferred the v-drive design, primarily for the interior space.

When I started looking, I missed out on an open bow Excel...a beautiful one owner boat (also in Indiana). I was bummed even though my wife wasn't yet sold on the whole boat idea.

Then I ran across and almost ended up getting a 176. However, I held off...worried about the potential lack of interior space and also the condition of the motor of that specific boat.

Next, I saw a 196 that looked good in photos, but not so good in person. Even though it was a good deal, I couldn't get past how much work would need to be done cosmetically. The next boat was a later model 196, but I lost interest after reading about the issues with the gauges used in that era. Also, the design of the 196 would get better (in my opinion) with the redesign in 2002 that featured storage behind the rear seat. The price was so good it still was a good buy - just not for me.

I kept looking, thinking I might get lucky and find a nice 196 for a good price, but every now and then I'd be drawn to either Barefoot or Excel listings. I ended up liking the Excel more, with the walk-through windshield and teak accents. At this point I think the only thing that would lure me away would be a Super Sport or Super AIr Nautique.

But as a first time boat owner, I really like the Excel and look forward to doing more updates.


First full season was overall very good. Prior to the season, I added new valve covers, flame arrestor, installed new wheels for the trailer, and installed a new ACME propeller. I also replaced most gauges on the dash, including sending in the Perfect Pass gauge to have the face updated to Nautique branding.

I removed the fat sacs from the bow and stern as I don't intend to use ballast on this boat, but it is still wired with pumps ready to go, should I ever decide to sell the boat. I also had the audio upgraded professionally, and its nice to be able to stream music from a phone and control from a gauge on the dash.

Early in the season the ProTec ignition system that was original to the boat was acting up. I found a replacement distributor called D.U.I. (w/ new plugs and wires) from Performance Distributors and had that installed in June...huge improvement!

As the season was wrapping up I had the trailer fenders replaced, and I also had some minor upholstery damage (from a raccoon) repaired.

Winter projects include removing the worn carpet and replacing with SeaDek, and having gelcoat work done below the waterline, and also making a change or two to prevent/minimize vapor lock.

I would like to overhaul the motor and increase the horsepower by adding a new top end kit, but that might have to wait until the end of 2019. At a minimum I will have a compression test done to get an updated baseline on the motor, but overall I was happy with our boating experience in 2018.
Bill O
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