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Originally Posted: 5/21/2021
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Owner: Tom Kosel
Forum Nickname: Tom
Location: Cushing , MN
Phone: (612) 963-1632

Model: 1989 Ski Nautique 2001
Length: 19.9
Engine: Ford PCM 351
HP: 250
Hours: 981
Hull ID:
Price: $15,000 Firm

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CCF Price Index: 1989 Ski Nautique  (n=96)
I have a mint condition 1989 Correct Craft 2001 Ski Nautique. I am the original owner, purchased it new.

Boat Stuff
The boat has been in indoor storage for the past two years. Since 1989, the boat has been stored indoors every winter. It has been winterized according to factory specs, every year.
Boat has always been lifted out of the water on a boat lift when not in use. Never run ashore in the sand. As a result, the hull is largely unstained/unmarked.
Upholstery has all been replaced and is like new. There is a rear seat.
The boat will be sold with a new spare windshield. Correct Craft offered this windshield to me several years into our ownership and I bought it on the off chance that I would suffer a broken windshield, never needed it. It will go with the boat.
The boat has an audible fuel overfill alarm.
The boat has a heater and a hot water heater. Makes skiing on cold days more enjoyable/doable.
Teak has been cleaned and oiled every year and is in good shape.
Boat has a stereo system with a tape player, radio and 10 disk CD changer. Remote control device for all of that.
Side mounted rear-view mirror is included.
There is some sun fading and degradation of decals/pin striping due to the fact that I cleaned it and waxed and polished it every year since I bought it. The gel coat is unmarred.
The boat has been used exclusively for Water skiing and barefoot skiing. No wakeboarding or tubing allowed. It has the standard center mounted ski pylon, no tower or other add-ons.
There is no Bimini or other top. There is the standard correct craft mooring/transport cover, which is in good shape and has been replaced at least once.

Engine and Mechanical Stuff
The boat has a PCM Ford 351 engine. There are about 800 hours on the engine. The boat has been meticulously maintained.
Strut bearing has been replaced and the 3 bladed propeller has been replaced with a new 4 blade propeller. Sale includes old propeller, and a strut bearing puller and prop puller.
Valve cover gaskets have been replaced.
Exhaust flapper has been replaced multiple times.
Alternator has been replaced.
Raw water pump has been replaced with one that has a dressy chrome pulley.
All engine drainage points have been replaced with quick drain fittings.
Belts and hoses have all been replaced and are like new
This is a normally aspirated engine with the OEM Holley 4-barrel carb.
The ignition has been replaced with electronic ignition.
Fuel pump has been replaced.
The spark plug wires have been replaced with some high tech, of which I cannot remember the name. Spark plugs replaced with high tech iridium plugs. Distributor cap also replaced.
There is a new starter motor that I thought I needed, but didn''''''''''''''''t so it will go with the boat. You could eat out of the bilge. No oil leaking and kept cleaned over the years.
Valve stem seals have never been replaced, as a result, she smokes a little when first started after sitting a while. Overall, oil consumption is unnoticeable.

Trailer Stuff
Trailer bearings have been cleaned and repacked many times. Replaced at least once, spare bearings are included. Wheels have the original Correct Craft grease Zerks. Trailer has fairly new tires in good condition and a trailer mounted spare. All wheels including the spare feature keyed lug nuts to prevent theft. Trailer coupler/ Surge brake assembly has been replaced. Trailer lights have been replaced with LED lights and all work fine. Trailer has a lifetime license. All trailer carpeting including skid pads have been replaced. Trailer centering guides have been replaced. There is a locking device to provided trailer/boat theft prevention.

Misc. Stuff
Tool kit is included. Spare new belts and spare impeller. There is also a boom, and ski ropes and handle including a Kevlar Barefoot rope and handle.

I have many additional pictures that I can e-mail to you, Just respond and I will send.
Tom Kosel
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