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Updated: 8/3/2023 (262 days ago)
Originally Posted: 8/3/2023
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Owner: Mark Nelson
Forum Nickname:
Location: Greenville, SC
Phone: (843) 708-1727

Model: 1963 Compact Skier
Length: 16
Engine: Removed
HP: 0
Hours: 0
Hull ID: Compact Skier
Price: $600 

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CCF Price Index: 1963 Correct Crafts  (n=30)
Correct Craft Compact Skier. Project boat. Engine has been removed. Original trailer with new wheels and lights. All wood is still intact and restorable. Haven’t found any rot but needs complete sanding staining painting sealing effort. I planned to restore wood and add a trolling motor to use as a picnic boat…..low speeds and short distance. But I have recently gotten married and moved and the boat is not an option now. Love my wife more than I love the boat! She is a keeper; the boat was a dream.

It has all of the original chromed items still: name plates, gauges, compass; so could be valuable for someone needing those items. I don’t want to cannibalize it but somebody else might. Looking for a home for this classic boat. Thanks
Mark Nelson
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