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Updated: 8/21/2023 (32 days ago)
Originally Posted: 5/4/2016
Total Views: 2,147
Owner: Gary Bird
Forum Nickname: Chirp
Location: New Carlisle, OH

Model: 1963 American Skier
Length: 16
Engine: Interceptor
HP: 100
Hours: 0
Hull ID: AM-121
Price: $1,800 

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CCF Price Index: 1963 American Skier  (n=13)
My first memories of this boat are from a long time ago.
In 1965 my dad''s best friend picked me up after school to help him with this boat he had just purchased. He lived on Little Lake Conway, just a very short distance from the Correct Craft plant that at that time was in Pine le, Florida. He needed me to drive the boat across the lake from the ramp to the house he was renting, while he drove the car and trailer to meet me there. What a joy that was for me.
He moved out of the rental, and my dad moved in and bought the boat from him in 1966.
I recall stopping by Correct Craft after school one day, and Mr. Meloon giving me a tour of the plant. I''ll never forget the shock and surprise I had, when he showed me that fiberglass boats are made from the outside in. He explained this to me as we watched a hull being removed from its mold.
Dad loved pulling us kids around the lake on skis when he came home from work. It was relaxing for him. He would also go out on his own, or with some friends, and idle around for hours at night. He really loved this.
After I graduated from high school in 1967 we moved North. I then learned how to winterize the boat for Dad. In 1969 I bought the boat from him. We drew-up my very first installment payment plan together for the purchase.
This boat has always been a piece-of-cake to maintain and use. Also, cheap to run with its 6 cylinder engine. Just now (5-2016), the original and working fine 53 year old fuel pump was updated with a new rebuild kit. The carburetor acceleration pump was updated also. Note: My pictures here show the boat winterized (other than cover). Water pump impeller, water hose, and belt removed. Rag in exhaust pipe. Engine always fogged. Additional pictures available, and shown in the diaries section of this site.
Gary Bird
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