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Knee Replacement

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Topic: Knee Replacement
Posted By: pjsmoreno
Subject: Knee Replacement
Date Posted: October-10-2023 at 11:34am

I have been away from this site for a few months due to a total knee replacement let alone anything that has to do with a computer. It’s been a rough road in this recovery phase in the expectations I set for myself of the slow progress this has been. I’m usually a quick rebound but by all means this is not the case here.

I have dealt with stitches, broken bones, a rupture Achilles tendon. Even cut my left thumb off and had it reattached from a table saw injury. But this takes the cake. Never experience something this painful as this.

This injury dates back to 1982 from playing Ultimate Frisbee in a tournament.  Gone to many doctors and all but one jump to knee replacement.  Took that one doctor’s advice and it got me to where I was 8 years ago. And then I waited for technology to catch up on this invasive surgery this is.  

So I guess I’m putting this question out there to all who has had a total knee replacement on their recovery and have they gone back to water skiing again? Have gone back to slalom skiing? Not asking about barefooting but I’m sure there are some out there that have gone back to doing it again.

I’m confident that I’ll be back on my old slalom ski next summer.

Just asking for some feedback on others out there on how they went through of what I’m starting to go through. It’s only been 7 weeks from surgery for me but another 8-10 months? The good news is I have 6 months of cold weather ahead.

Posted By: MrMcD
Date Posted: October-10-2023 at 1:56pm
Wow, tough road recently, I have one friend now 73, had a knee replaced last March, I water Skied with him in August, he deep water started on a Comp Water ski and went out and skied hard.  One hand turns and throwing a good sized rooster.  I have seen many 20 year olds that can't ski like he did at 73.  He started hiking as soon as he could after surgery and has stuck with that.   He hikes as much as 9 miles a day now.   He says his muscles do not get sore or hurt but the knee gets hot on the long hikes, he thinks it is from friction.

After skiing with me he said his knee hurt and I asked if it was OK for him to ski, he said the new knee is not hurting it is his OLD knee hurting.   He said one of his Doctors says he should never ski again, his other Doctor says go for it if you like.  That is Mike, he is looking forward to getting the second knee done.

Another friend works Ski Patrol with me, Snow Ski Patrol, we offer medical help on the mountain.   He had a knee replaced due to constant pain, a year later he came back working Ski Patrol, hauling the toboggans can put major loading on your knees.  He was able to do it again on the knee replacement but retired after the season.   He competes in bike races, 30-50 mile races and rides almost every day.  Loves his new knee.  This is Graham, he is 66 now and 5 years past the new knee.

It can be done but keeping all the muscles in shape is pretty important.
I would not even consider High Wrap Boots, in a fall I want that ski to come off easy rather than risk a knee.

I have also read reports that state the measurements a surgeon uses to cut the bone replacing the knee are critical to a good result.  They say even a small fraction of an inch too short or long will cause months of pain as the muscles and tendons adjust to the new length.  They say if the cuts are accurate and everything is located as it was before surgery the healing process is night a day better.

Not sure if this helps but hope you get to ski again.


Posted By: andrewmarani
Date Posted: October-10-2023 at 2:41pm
I went slalom skiing late last year for the first time in something like two years.  Started on one, swung out, laid into an easy cut, came across the wake to the other side and chucked the rope.  Kids came back, picked me up and asked what's wrong.  Told them I figured if I hit the wake on a hard cut I would take out one of my knees.

Since then my right knee has gotten bad and i'm scheduled for a partial knee replacement on October 25th. Hopefully, I can be back slalom skiing next summer!  Not looking forward to the six week recovery, everyone I've talked to says it's pretty painful.

As an aside, table saw took a small piece of my thumb when I was in my 20s. Hungry machines...


Posted By: Fl Inboards
Date Posted: October-11-2023 at 6:24pm
I seen 66 year old Sandy Cates run 32 off with a complete knee replacment. USA hall of fame Brenda Nichols has a total knee regularly runs into 35 off at 32 mph. lots of total knees out there skiing it up... extra time in the Gym is all
Lot's of hip replacement too my self in included.. skied a tournament last week , trick only. age 66..
Go get-em tiger!!

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Posted By: MrMcD
Date Posted: October-11-2023 at 10:19pm
Thanks for sharing, good to know there is life left as we age.


Posted By: pjsmoreno
Date Posted: October-17-2023 at 10:20am

The invincible spirit still resides within me as I age. Water skiing and just boating will always be a part of my life thanks to my Dad. This knee replacement recovery is a long process. Stretching and working your knee out at home is important and stay with the physical therapy as long as you can. You will benefit from it in the long run. Thank you all for your responses. It’s good to know many have continued to ski after a knee replacement.  

Posted By: AirTique98
Date Posted: October-30-2023 at 2:09pm
       Thought I would add my two cents for what it is worth. Between the ages of 70 and 75 I had both knees and both hips replaced. I

always had the surgeries in November and always skied and barefooted the following summer. Took a good three months on the knees

be pain free...hips much easier. As stated by others it is very important to work on the strength and flexibility as soon as your surgeon

allows. Avoid impact exercise with doctor even dislikes walking; bikes, elliptical, stair climber are all good. The important

thing is to get started! I am currently 80 and still slalom ski although I did give up the barefooting this past summer. Neither the hips or

knees were the reason, but more a balance problem with my stepoffs. [Never a good deepwater guy] Good luck with your rehab and

don't get'll be back out there and loving the "new parts"!

Bill - 98Air Nautique

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Posted By: MrMcD
Date Posted: October-30-2023 at 9:02pm
Nice work AirTique, glad to hear we can keep playing.  I still love to get out and ski.

Another buddy just had his knee replaced, when they tapped the new joint into his femur they Broke the femur.  Now he is trying to heal from a knee surgery they want him moving the knee all the time so he does not lose flexibility and his femur is fractured.  He says it hurts like holy hell.  Lots of Ice and drugs.  I am afraid his knee muscles will not respond well since he can't work it till the bone heals.  It is terrible, this guy is one heck of an athlete, 6'3" 250 lbs and very strong at 69 years old.   I guess they do not all go well.


Posted By: pjsmoreno
Date Posted: October-31-2023 at 8:42am

Thank you again for the encouragement and your accomplishments after a knee replacement.  Now I am really looking forward to next summer. I was surprised how much strength I lost in the first 5 weeks after surgery to my legs but it all came back with the help of physical therapy.  My PT will stop to the end of November due to how well I’m progressing with my strength and flexibility. Working out on my own will start after that. Where I work, we have a cardio workout room and a weight room. So, I’ll be there at 5am before I start work

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