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Updated: 4/7/2010 (8 years ago)
Originally Posted: 1/3/2006
Total Views: 6,482
Owner: Tim Benjamin
Forum Nickname: TRBenj
Location: Goshen, CT

Model: 1990 Ski Nautique
Length: 19.5
Engine: PCM 351w (modified)
HP: 350

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This 1990 Ski Nautique originally caught my eye while browsing the diaries section on this site. It was exactly what I wanted - a ’90-93 Ski Nautique, red/black, tandem trailer, with a nearly perfect exterior. Although it wasn’t for sale, I contacted the owner to tell him how nice it looked. Although I was in no rush to buy a boat, I jumped at the chance when he decided to sell two months later. Thanks Joel!

My father and I drove from Connecticut to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving 2005 to pick it up - I certainly couldn’t have made the trip without him. We were also fortunate to have some very gracious friends who put us up both Friday and Saturday night in Cleveland. Overall, we had great luck on our four-day, 1900 mile journey: the weather was great, we hit minimal traffic, and only had to break through a little bit of ice during the test drive/ski.

This is my first boat, but my family is not new to Correct Crafts - my first time behind a boat was behind the family’s ’68 Mustang. I learned to ski on our ’88, and spent 10 great summers behind our ’92 before my dad bought his ’03 196.

Many thanks to Keith and the other members of this site- this is a great community and an invaluable resource for our boats!

Update 9/07:

In the spring/summer of 2006, the boat underwent a moderate stringer and floor repair, which was detailed in this thread. The top deck (rubrail up) was restored in the spring of 2006 as well. It had yellowed considerably, but wet sanding and buffing brought the original white gelcoat back to life.

With 1160 hours on the boat, the powertrain also received upgrades early in 2006. An Acme 470 prop improved all-around performance over the previous OJ Legend. A Performance Distributors DUI was added after the EI module failed, which added 200 RPM and a solid 1 MPH on the top end. Over the summer, a Weiand Stealth dual plane intake manifold, GT40p heads, and a Cam Research camshaft were added (as discussed here.) The 600cfm Holley 4160 was rebuilt at the same time, which included a metering block conversion with replaceable jets in the secondaries.

The exhaust was upgraded in the spring of 2007, the details of which I shared in this thread. At the same time, FMS 1.6 roller rockers were added, as were new valve covers and a low profile SS flame arrestor. After some jetting changes, performance was improved to 48MPH @ 5200RPM with a new Acme 612. Top end would be greater if it were possible to get more hull out of the water- this particular boat runs very nose-low compared to other 90-96 Ski Nautiques. Its certainly an improvement from the 41MPH at 4200RPM that the boat would do when I bought it though, and the holeshot leaves nothing to be desired. For a ski machine, I can’t complain.

The interior also received some much-needed attention in the spring of 2007. All seats received new resin-coated plywood bases and new foam. The 2-piece (early production ’90) observer seat frame was modified to accept a 1-piece ’93 cushion. A carpeted step was added on the rear seat to save the cushion from foot traffic. All vinyl was replaced with new skins from Christine’s. The carpet was also changed to 28oz gunmetal carpet from Correct Craft.

This boat made it to the New England Correct Craft Fan Reunions in 2006 and 2007. It also made the 1200 mile journey and was featured at the 2007 Green Lake Reunion.
Tim Benjamin
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